Thermal Examination of Vacuum Circuit Breakers and Surge Protection Devices for 110 kV Electric Switchboard

A. A. Sarlybayev, P. Yu. Zhuravlev


The connection scheme and characteristics of high-voltage equipment of 110 kV closed switchgears were considered for ladle furnace units (LFU) of the electric steel melting shop #1, 2 of PJSC Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works. It was noted, that operating mode of the vacuum circuit breakers (VCB) is associated with frequent switching caused by the technological process of the LFU. The characteristic of high-voltage surge protection device (SPD) is given, characteristic defects arising during operation are named. The results of VSB's thermal imaging examination are presented, the efficiency of the method is proved. The results of the SPD thermal imaging control performed by comparing the temperatures of the assemblies included in different phases, as well as by comparing the thermal state of the varistors of one assembly are considered. As a result of the conducted studies, the expediency of periodic thermal imaging control of VCB and SPD in combination with on-line monitoring was confirmed. The requirements for continuous monitoring system of the electrical equipment technical state are justified. It is proved, that the most informative method of diagnostic control of SPD is continuous monitoring of root-mean-square values of current harmonic components.

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