Hybrid PWM of 3L-BtB-NPC Converter

A. S. Maklakov, A. A. Radionov


The purpose of the research is to develop and study Hybrid PWM for three level back-to-back neutral-point clamped converter (3L-BtB-NPC) based on active front-end rectifier and voltage source inverter. Hybrid PWM provides smooth switching between the algorithms of space vector PWM and selective harmonic elimination PWM. This allows decreasing power losses, which arise when commutating under SVPWM, by decreasing the number of switches under SHEPWM. To achieve the purpose, the mathematical model of 3L-BtB-NPC converter based on AFE rectifier and VSI under SVPWM and SHEPWM was developed. Applying a developed simulation model in Matlab/Simulink, the power quality of VSI under SVPWM and SHEPWM was evaluated. Based on theoretical and experimental research, it was proved that applying Hybrid PWM with transition SVPWM and SHEPWM decreases the amount of semiconductor modules switches.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24892/RIJEE/20170204


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