Effect of Radiation Cross-Linking in an Electric Gas Discharge on the Mechanical Strength of Polyethylene Cable Insulation

G. K. Novikov


The article analyzes the results of comparative studies of electrical insulation for medium voltage cables based on cross-linked polyethylene (LDPE) of low density, manufactured using the technology of radiation cross-linking by X-ray radiation of the electric gas discharge of EGR. Experimental data obtained on samples in the form of discontinuous blades, cut according to GOST IEC 60811-2-1 from PE plates and films, as well as on full-scale cable samples, are considered. The penetration depth of X-ray emission of EGR into cable LDPE is estimated. Comparative studies of changes in electrophysical properties and mechanical strength of cable LDPE under the action of X-ray radiation of EGR and under the influence of an electron beam are performed.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24892/RIJEE/20170206


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