Physical Regularities of the Synthesis of Titanium Based Composite Powders for Additive Manufacturing

A. G. Knyazeva, E. N. Korosteleva, O. N. Kryuakova, G. A. Pribitkov, Yu. A. Chumakov


The review is presented to show the investigations of authors of this paper directed to the development of the way of composite powders creation of the system Ti-C. The synthesis of composites is carried out in the mode of layered combustion and/or in the mode of regulated thermal explosion. Obtained cakes are crushed, and then the necessary fraction was separated. Sinterability of powders is studied in laboratory conditions with the regulation of the heating rate and sintering temperature. The possibility to use the obtained composite powders is studied for the technologies of surface modification and specimen creation at the conditions of electron beam controlling. The investigation of the structure of synthesized powder and sintered specimens speak on the irreversible composition of the synthesis products. Each stage of the investigation is accompanied by mathematical modeling. For example, mathematical model of the composite synthesis in the combustion mode takes into account the stage of initiation of igniter. The model of thermal explosion includes the dynamical conditions of the heating and the reaction retardation by the reaction product. Electron-beam alloying model describes the properties evolution and powder layer shrinkage. The qualitative compliance of theory and experiment were demonstrated.

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