Investigation of Circulation and Separation of Solids Binary Mixture in the Units with Chemical-Lopping Combustion and Gasification of Solid Fuels

G. A. Ryabov, O. M. Folomeev, I. A. Dolgushin


The technology of chemical looping combustion and gasification of fuels is one of the most promising for CO2 capturing from power plants. During the combustion and gasification of solid fuels, a ash-coke residue is added to the metal oxides - oxygen carriers. Thus, solid flux consists of particles with different density. In these conditions it is important to determine how the circulation is changing and how the particles are separated in cyclones of the circulation loop. A description of methodology for simulating these processes, the experimental setup, and the experimental conditions are given. Data on effect of the gas velocity in a reactor with a circulating fluidized bed on the specific solid flow rate of the circulating material are given. It is shown that the influence of addition of light weight fraction (sand) in range of 3…12% to the mass of metal oxides (Al2O3) does not significantly change specific solid flow rate. The capture efficiency of the cyclone at a high concentration of solids is very high and exceeds 99.99%. With increasing of solid concentration, it increases somewhat. A complex dependence of mass concentration of the particles on the cyclone resistance is observed. As a result of the analysis of the experimental data of this work, as well as previous studies and foreign data, a formula is proposed for calculating the correction to the cyclone resistance on a pure gas flow. The noticeable influence of sand additive in range of 3…12% to the mass of Al2O3 is not found, which allows using the previously developed dependences for calculating the circulation and separation of particles in the combustion systems of solid fuels in chemical looping systems.

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