Gear Transmission with Conical Axoids on Parallel Axies

S. V. Shevchenko, A. A. Mukhovaty, O. S. Krol


The article presents the results of a study for gear transmission on parallel axes with gear axoids and wheels in the form of truncated cones (KZPt). The tangential gear teeth and KZPt wheels in the longitudinal direction coincide with the conical helical lines lying on the truncated cones, which are the axes of the KZPt. In this case, the angle of these cones is invariant with respect to the transfer value of the KZPt, which allows them to vary widely. The length of the KZPt teeth is determined, the growth of which will lead to a decrease in bending and contact stresses in the teeth of the KZPt. As a result, there will be an increase in the load capacity of the KZPt in comparison with a cylindrical gear transmission with chevron teeth (ZZPsh) with the same dimensions according to the basic criteria for the performance of this type of transmission - bending and contact fatigue strength. For the practical calculation of the KZPt, an enlarged scheme of the algorithm for calculating the KZPt is proposed, with reference to the current calculation procedure for the ZZPsh. The design features of the KZPt are noted

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