Kinematic Viscosity of Melt Prepared from an amorphous Fe72.5Cu1Nb2Mo1.5Si14B9 ribbon

Ye. A. Kochetkova, Yu. N. Starodubtsev, V. S. Tsepelev


In this work, the viscosity of a melt prepared by melting an amorphous ribbon of Fe72.5Cu1Nb2Mo1.5Si14B9 alloy was studied. The amorphous ribbon was produced by rapid quenching of the melt, which was preheated at a temperature above (overheated mode) and below (not overheated mode) critical temperature Tk. A hysteresis loop was found in the temperature dependence of viscosity, the widest part of which falls on a temperature from 1670 K to Tk = 1760 K. In this temperature range, the melt has the highest activation energy and the largest cluster size. It has been proven that the melt viscosity increases with decreasing cluster size. In the low-temperature region, an overheated melt has the highest viscosity and the smallest cluster size comparable to the atomic size. It is shown that the heredity of the structure is preserved in the melt from the amorphous ribbon despite a number of structural transitions

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