Features of Technogenic Iron Oxide Recovery

О. Yu. Sheshukov, M. M. Mikheenkov, L. B. Vedmid


The overview of existing models for iron oxides reducing and an analysis of their applicability to technogenic formations is presented.  The thermodynamic analysis data of iron oxides reducing reactions through solid and gas phases and experiment results presenting features of technogenic iron oxide reducing under conditions of solid-phase diffusion (limited diffusion) and partially liquid-phase diffusion (easier diffusion) of iron oxide ions. It is shown that under conditions of iron oxide ions solid-phase diffusion the reduction processes rate is significantly affected by the briquettingpressure, which increases the contact area of reacting substances. The briquetting pressure does not affect the reduction processesrate under conditions of partially liquid-phase diffusionof iron oxide ions. An ion-diffusion catalytic mechanism is proposed to describe the observed effects of technogenic iron oxide reducing

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24892/RIJIE/20200204


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