Condition of Assembly of a Two-line Tooth Gearing of the not Coaxial Circuit

V.N. Yermak


For all multiline tooth gearings there is a problem of assembly. It for a long time is solved for coaxial transfers and rather recently – for not coaxial, containing two intermediate wheels. The decision of a problem refers to as a condition of assembly. The first variant of this condition was offered in 1962.

However, it contained a mistake. In 1984 and 2009 other authors have offered the variants. They yielded correct results, but con-clusions of a condition appeared difficult. The author of present article has found out the reason of a mistake and has offered the variant, more simple, than all previous. According to the offered variant in the mechanism enter the closed gear tape which covers lateral aspects of intermediate wheels and the internal sides of two other wheels – conducting and conducted. Teeth quantity, covered with such tape always the whole. In it the condition of assembly also consists. From this condition its mathematical expression is easily deduced.

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