Study of Different Types of Power Systems Stabilizers used in Synchronous Generators Automatic Excitation Control Systems

A. A. Nikolaev, A. S. Danilenko, I. A. Lozhkin


In connection with the increase in generation and consumption of electric energy, as well as the appearance of even more complex electric power systems, the probability of emergence of emergency regimes leading to the appearance of lowfrequency power oscillations increases. These fluctuations can lead to fall out of synchronism of an individual generator and in the worst case to a cascade collapse of the power system. For the damping of power oscillations in systems for automatic control of the excitation of synchronous generators, special stabilization blocks are used. In the foreign literature, these stabilizers are called the Power System Stabilizer (PSS). The article presents structural schemes, advantages and disadvantages of various types of system stabilizers, results of a comparative analysis of foreign stabilizers (Conventional PSS and Multiband PSS). The research was carried out on the mathematical model of the energy district of the three provinces of the Republic of Turkey, where large metallurgical enterprises are concentrated.

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