Sensorless Torque Controlled Induction Motor Drives for Applications with Large Parameter Deviation

A. B. Vinogradov, N. A. Glebov


Five various options for creation of the induction motor drives with moment control systems and without sensor of speed developed within the last ten years are considered. Comparison of the received results of their work in relation to traction electric drives of various vehicles (tractors, buses, dump trucks) and drives of starters of gas transmission units is carried out. Special attention is paid to quality criteria’s of the moment control loop work in the conditions of wide ranged change of electromagnetic parameters of the electric drive (the active resistance, inductance) caused by saturation of the motor magnetic system and change of temperature operating conditions of the drive. Requirements to the moment control loop of traction electric drives of vehicles and drives of starters of gas transmission units are formulated. The results of a research of electric drives without speed sensor in a moment contour at vector and frequency control received as a result of their mathematical modeling considering the main physical phenomena including processes in steel are given.

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