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Author Guidelines

The article should have:
- the relevance (problematic of the article should be of interest to the scientific community in terms of the current development of science and technology);
- the scientific character (in the article should be considered the scientific aspects of the problem, even if the task itself has practical value);
- the originality (results presented in the article should have a scientific novelty, survey articles are allowed by special decision of the editorial board).

Article must be clearly structured to be generally accepted in scientific publications sections, namely:
- introduction;
- relevance, scientific significance of the question with a brief review of the literature;
- formulation of the problem;
- the theoretical part;
- practical significance, suggestions and case studies, the results of experiments;
- conclusions.

The results presented in this paper must be justified by a particular scientific tools: mathematical conclusion experimentally, mathematical modeling, etc., in order to be able to consider them as sufficiently reliable. We do not accept materials containing only a hypothesis or untested proposals.

The results presented in the paper should be formulated in the form of scientific statements which clearly define being a contribution to science.

The article should be written in a language understandable to a specialist in the field of knowledge. Should be used generally accepted technical terms.

Manuscripts sent for publication in the journal should contain:
- the title of the article;
- information about the authors (name, affiliation, city, country, e-mail);
- abstract in volume from 100 to 250 words;
- a list of keywords or phrases in the volume of not more than 7;
- a list of references, the recommended volume of 20 to 30 sources.

This information should be presented in Russian.

The article should be typed in the template.

The volume of the manuscript, designed in accordance with the above requirements shall not exceed:
- review articles over 10 pages;
- articles more than 6 pages;
- brief messages over 2 pages.

Article larger volume can be accepted for publication by the decision of the editorial board of an exception.

The editors reserve the right not to accept the manuscript, designed and presented with deviations from the established requirements.



Copyright Notice

Authors must provide a non-exclusive license agreement for granting the right to use the article. Signing the license agreement the authors guarantees the fact that the article is the original version written by the authors. Authors also ensures the granted rights do not infringe the rights of other people or companies.