The Structure. Phase Composition and Rheological Properties of Powders Obtained by Chemical Dispersion of Al Alloys with Mo, V and Zr

A. Yu. Omarov, A. D. Shlyapin


Introduction of refractory elements into alumina ceramics to improve its properties, is usually carried out by mixing the alumina with oxides of corresponding refractory metals. In this paper this problem has been solved by pre-alloying refractory element with aluminum and subsequent dispersion of alloy in aqueous alkaline solutions. Characteristics have been discussed of microstructure, phase composition and rheological properties of powders obtained by chemical dispersion of alloys Al-Mo, Al-V and Al-Zr with 10 wt.% refractory element in 20% aqueous sodium hydroxide solution, as well as the impact of heat treatment at 1250 ?C on these properties. On the basis of XRA and electron microscopy the conclusion was adopted that heat treatment of powder leads to significant phase and structural transformations of such powders and is a necessary stage of preparation for sintering

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