Selection of Die Geometric Parameters for the Low-Waste Hot Die-Forming with a Combined “Expansion-Extrusion” Method of Collar Flanges

L. V. Radionova, V. A. Ivanov, S. S. Strugov, V. V. Kolyshnickov


In the course of computer modeling based on the DEFORM 3D software package, an experiment was conducted to determine the optimal parameters of the tool for the distribution-extrusion process. The simulation was performed by varying the cone angle of the knife, as well as by changing the conditions of contact friction. The satisfactory geometrical parameters of the knife cone, namely, the deflection angle (100) and the coefficient of friction (0.25), are determined. The simulation was carried out on the model of forging the collar flange 50-16-11-1-B. The definition of the above parameters will optimize the process of forming, eliminating the calibration operation

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