The Classification of the Basic Elements of Technological System Waterjet Cutting to Ensure the Accuracy and Quality of the Cut Surface

A.M. Ignatova, M.N. Ignatov, R.N. Shartinov


This article discusses the basic parameters of the cutting process by waterjet stream and then how changes in these parameters affect the quality of the cut surface with this method of treatment. Waterjet cutting jet method is one of the most modern and popular, because it is environmentally friendly, easy to perform and allows the insert to show the material without heating the workpiece. Of course, the method has drawbacks, most of which are related to the uneven quality of the cut surface. The authors use practical experience and theoretical knowledge, and received a variety of sources known to combine information into a single system parameters to ensure the quality of the cut. The presented data are summarized and provides the most complete picture of the processing technology.

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