Viable Autonomous Power Supply System with Switched Reluctance Generator

A.A. Danshina, A.V. Prudiy


Currently, when more attention is given to power supply and energy efficiency of international community, particular attention should be given to inexpensive and qualitative electricity generation and its transport to the consumer.

In this article comparative analysis of direct and alternating current autonomous electrical networks was made. Today alternating current networks were general application. It is bound to that at the beginning of alternating current generation electric power industry development was simpler and cheaper, but meanwhile it has a number of shortcomings compared with direct current. Now the condition of power electronics is such that there is availability to apply a direct current for autonomous electrical networks.

Based on the electric generator comparison it is proposed to use the switched reluctance generator for a direct current autonomous network. In this system the increased frequency current application is proposed. This application advisability is confirmed by mathematical modeling of the normal and increased (500 Hz) frequency three-phase alternating current a rectification process using three-phase bridge twelve-ripple rectifier in a Matlab/ Simulink package on the resistible inductive load. Power supply the considered system use will improve the quality of electricity.

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