Analysis of the Use of Cambered Roll with the Roll Shift System CVC to Adjust the Gap on the Hot Plate Mill

Stanislav Voronin, D.Y. Usatyi, V.R. Gasiyarov, A.A. Radionov


The factors are revealed affecting the thickness deviation of the sheet in the hot rolling process. CVC-roll description was shown, their distinct features and advantages for formation of the final shape of the plate. Known CVC-systems on the modern plate hot mills were considered. The main parameters of the work-roll crown were characterized by math formulas, the optimal shape of the rolls and they advantages to get a required flatness of the final plate was shown. The distribution of the roll gap along the length of the roll body was shown according to the horizontal displacement of the work rolls. The ways to eliminate of the most common thickness defects were shown. The most required directions of research were designated.

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