Electronic Isolation Test and Alarm Control Unit for Mining Electrical Equipment

R.G. Mugalimov, A.I. Bokov, A.R. Mugalimova


This article describes the requirements, purpose, structure, management system, insulation monitoring and alarm status of mining electrical equipment - lighting devices, magnetic contactors, etc. Reveals the structural and electrical circuits of the electronic isolation monitoring and alarm control unit of electric mining. It is shown that mining electrical works mainly from the power supply system with isolated neutral and requires continuous monitoring of the electrical isolation. Before turning on the mining electrical equipment is requires a preliminary check the status of its isolation. If isolated resistance is less than the allowable value then equipment should not work. The principles of insulation monitoring devices based on the use of modern electronics. But it is difficult to provide high selectivity of the insulation monitoring system and high reliability. A distinctive feature of the proposed variant of electronic isolation monitoring module, alarm and control is the use of two- coil relay measuring circuit included a differential circuit.

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Nazarov A.I. Elektrooborudovaniye i elektrosnabzheni-ye gornykh predpriyatiy, Kirovsk [Nazarov A.I. Electrical equipment and power supply of mining enterprise. Kirovsk 2015]. Available at: http://www.htk.edu.ru/lib/el_obor&el_ snab1.pdf (accessed 17 March 2016). (in Russ.)

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24892/RIJEE/20160307


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