Simulation of High-Frequency Heating of a Strip from Materials with Various Properties

Yu. Blinov, K. Blinov, T. Kozulina, S. Galunin


This paper describes the process of high-frequency heating of multilayer strip, which is used to produce various kinds of composite materials. The strip is heated to temperature above the Curie point by high-frequency currents, then the magnetic properties of the materials change. Up to now, this heating process has not been properly researched. Therefore, researches of this kind are of great interest from the point of view of science.

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Galunin S.A., Zlobina M.V., Blinov K.Yu. Numerical model approaches for in-line strip induction heating, Proceedings of Int. IEEE Conference: EUROCON 2009, St.Petersburg, 2009, pp. 1604-1607. DOI: 10.1109/EURCON.2009.5167857

Galunin S., Zlobina M., Blinov K. et al. Numerical analysis of coupled physics for induction heating of movable workpieces, Proceedings of Int. Scientific Colloquium: Modelling for Electromagnetic Processing, Hannover, 2008, pp. 59-64.



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